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  • Light sensitivity of the opsin pigment is restored through a multistep pathway called the visual cycle, which effects all-trans to 11-cis re-isomerization of the retinoid chromophore [12].
  • The increased light sensitivity of the transformants appears to result from a limitation in photochemical energy utilization and/or dissipation which correlates with a greatly diminished photosynthetic response to exogenous (CO2 + HCO3-), especially under conditions where the chloroplast inorganic carbon transport system is not induced [13].
  • Mutant seeds had more rapid germination, reduced requirement for light, and decreased far-red light sensitivity, unraveling cytokinin functions in seed germination control [14].
  • Subsequent inactivation of apcE by an erythromycin resistance marker led to reduction of the phycobilin-to-chlorophyll ratio and to a further decrease in light sensitivity [15].
  • Photoreception in Neurospora crassa: correlation of reduced light sensitivity with flavin deficiency [16].

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