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Role Playing

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Psychiatry related information on Role Playing


High impact information on Role Playing

  • SETTING: A behavioral laboratory at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College. PATIENTS: One hundred twenty children, 2 to 6 years old, participated individually in the role-playing [2].
  • The aim of the study was to test how extracellular levels of myeloperoxidase (MPO; a granulocyte enzyme playing role in free radical production) change by age and what effect this change has on the production of the free radical superoxide anion by neutrophils [3].
  • The survey also requested permission to call the PCC to conduct a blinded role-playing exercise of a case of work-related trichloroethane exposure [4].
  • During this time they also attend a number of seminars in the Department of Community Medicine. In one session of 45 minutes duration, pairs of students are videotaped, each role-playing a diagnostic and a management interview [5].
  • Practice applying the 5 microskills is central to learning the OMP, yet participants frequently avoid the role-playing portion of the standard workshop [6].

Biological context of Role Playing

  • Major components of the training program include basic public health goals and capacities; an introduction to emergency preparedness; a role-playing exercise using Job Action Sheets to simulate "just-in-time" training; and guidance for personal and family preparedness [7].

Associations of Role Playing with chemical compounds

  • More general relapse prevention procedures including rehearsal and role-playing are also used in the treatment of cocaine dependence [8].
  • We therefore assessed the role of methylphenidate in enhancing response to verbal provocation from familiar peers and from role-playing adults [9].

Gene context of Role Playing

  • This was accomplished by employing a "TV Talk Show" social role-playing procedure in which the task required different strategies for the roles of "host" and "guest." Groups of ADD and normal elementary-age boys were formed, and each boy was paired with a normal class-mate [10].
  • It was hypothesized that a unit on homosexuality (which emphasized role playing and the debunking of myths) in an undergraduate college sexuality course would alter students' homophobic attitudes [11].
  • Feffer's Role-Taking Task and the Role-Playing Assessment Technique were used as experimental measures [12].


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