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Perioperative Care

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  • Eligible patients were randomly assigned to receive standard perioperative care or standard care plus perioperative beta-blockade with bisoprolol [2].
  • OBJECTIVE: The authors report on the surgical techniques and protocol for perioperative care that have yielded a zero hospital mortality rate in 110 consecutive patients undergoing hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) [3].
  • The improvement in survival has been largely attributed to advances in perioperative care, frequent use of parenteral nutrition, and better techniques of surgical repair [4].
  • Surgical advancement influences perioperative care: a comparison of two surgical techniques for sagittal craniosynostosis repair [5].
  • ET-1 and its more stable precursor, Big ET-1, were measured in plasma obtained at several perioperative time points from 95 consecutive elderly patients (mean age 70 +/- 1 yr) randomized to receive either normothermic or hypothermic perioperative care while undergoing major surgical procedures [6].

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