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Protein Footprinting

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Gene context of Protein Footprinting

  • In this work, we employed a mass spectrometric protein footprinting method of single amino acid resolution to investigate the interactions of the entire heterotrimeric hRPA with ssDNA [12].
  • Protein footprinting data suggest that Rev interacts specifically with amino acids within the 196-208 region of p32 [13].
  • A series of N-terminal, C-terminal, and internal deletion mutants, as well as protein footprinting, were used to identify the target regions in GAD65 [14].
  • Protein footprinting analysis, whereby polypeptide fragments generated on protease treatment of immune complexes are studied, indicated considerable heterogeneity in antibody recognition of IA-2, even between sera with similar reactivity to deletion mutants [15].
  • Mapping the G-actin binding surface of cofilin using synchrotron protein footprinting [16].


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