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Disease relevance of Perinephritis


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Chemical compound and disease context of Perinephritis

  • Both the derived arterial compliance index and the blood pressure-pressor response to the carotid occlusion reflex are enhanced in the dog perinephritis model of hypertensive cardiovascular disease treated with bromolasalocid [8].
  • 2. Intravenous infusion of adrenaline (0.2 micrograms kg-1 min-1) caused a fall in potassium while intravenous bolus injection of propranolol (0.75 mg kg-1) resulted in an increase in serum potassium which was of similar magnitude in both perinephritis hypertensive and sham-operated normotensive rabbits [9].
  • In conscious rats with DOCA-salt (des-oxycortone) and spontaneous hypertension, as well as in rats with hypertension provoked by method of cellophane perinephritis, PP-1466 (1 and 10 mg/kg, orally) decreases systolic pressure considerably [10].


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