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  • CIN also offers the complete NCCN conference proceedings and practice guidelines; full text of several medical journals, textbooks, and handbooks; a daily oncology news service; a clinically oriented drug reference guide; and an extensive calendar of medical meetings and CME courses [7].

Gene context of Congresses

  • Medline (1966-1996), Embase (Excerpta Medica; 1974-1996), and other biomedical and drug directory databases were searched to identify English-language articles (basic science, clinical trial research, and review articles) and abstracts of conference proceedings on PAF receptor antagonists and related terms [8].
  • I recommend the conference proceedings for an in-depth, illustrated treatise on craniofacial development [9].
  • The two MRC Units published, in total, over 2000 reports ranging from letters to journals to conference proceedings, with around 200 reports appearing in the BMJ, Lancet and Nature alone [10].


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