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Aortic Rupture

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Disease relevance of Aortic Rupture


High impact information on Aortic Rupture


Chemical compound and disease context of Aortic Rupture

  • Relation of hemodynamics to the incidence of diethylstilbestrol-induced aortic ruptures in hypertensive and hypotensive lines of turkeys [11].
  • Hydrocortisone rapidly induces aortic rupture in a genetically susceptible mouse [5].
  • Influence of d-, l-, and dl-propranolol, and practolol on beta-amino-propionitrile-induced aortic ruptures of turkeys [12].
  • Frontal chest radiographs from 54 patients with traumatic fractures of at least one vertebral body from C6 to T8 were examined for signs suggestive of aortic rupture [13].
  • The copper and molybdenum contents in the livers of 12 turkeys that had succumbed to naturally occuring aortic ruptures were measured to determine if field cases of the disease are etiologically related to copper deficiency [14].

Gene context of Aortic Rupture


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aortic Rupture


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