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Diverse mRNA expression patterns of the mouse calpain genes Capn5, Capn6 and Capn11 during development.

Calpains are a family of related proteins, originally classified on the basis of their calcium dependence and protease activity. Here we report the mRNA expression patterns during mouse development of the recently identified Capn5, Capn6 and Capn11 genes. The major expression sites of Capn5 during embryogenesis are the developing thymus, sympathetic and dorsal root ganglia. Capn6 mRNA is exclusively expressed during embryogenesis predominantly in developing skeletal and heart muscle overlapping closely with Capn3 expression domains. Expression was also observed in specific cells of the lung, kidney and placenta and in various epithelial cell types where the Capn6 mRNA appeared to be localized within the cell to the basal and apical ends. Capn11 mRNA is restricted exclusively to spermatocytes and only during the later stages of meiosis.[1]


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