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Gene Review

Capn11  -  calpain 11

Mus musculus

Synonyms: CANP 11, Calcium-activated neutral proteinase 11, Calpain-11
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Disease relevance of Capn11

  • Inhibition of calpain activity by the N-benzyloxycarbonyl-Val-Phe-aldehyde (MDL28170) blocked the TCDD-induced nuclear translocation of AhR in Hepa1c1c7 mouse hepatoma cell line [1].
  • Generation of constitutively active calcineurin by calpain contributes to delayed neuronal death following mouse brain ischemia [2].
  • Calpain activation and secretion promote glomerular injury in experimental glomerulonephritis: evidence from calpastatin-transgenic mice [3].
  • Wild-type mice that were subjected to anti-glomerular basement membrane nephritis exhibited elevated levels of calpain activity in kidney cortex at the heterologous phase of the disease [3].
  • There also was a reduction in nephrin disappearance from the surface of podocytes, indicating that calpain activity would enhance proteinuria by affecting nephrin expression [3].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Capn11

  • On Western blot analysis, calpain protein was increased 2-3-fold at 3-5 days after infection with ARHI adenovirus [21].
  • At various intervals up to 2 weeks after injury, optic nerves were examined for neurofilament proteins and calpain-mediated spectrin breakdown products using immunohistochemistry [22].
  • The calcium-dependent neutral protease calpain has putative roles in cytoskeletal and membrane changes in other cellular processes; this fact led us to test the role of calpain in a well-known model of apoptotic cell death, that of thymocytes after treatment with dexamethasone [23].
  • (3) Immunoblotting showed that conversion of the larger calpain I subunit from 80 kDa into 76-78 kDa occurred only when thrombin-activated platelets were stirred to permit aggregation, and did not occur during unstirred thrombin activation [24].
  • Vaccination with calpain induces a Th1-biased protective immune response against Schistosoma japonicum [25].


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