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Presence and expression of the simian virus-40 genome in human giant cell tumors of bone.

SV40 DNA sequences have been found in human tumors, such as mesotheliomas, ependymomas, and bone tumors, suggesting that SV40 may be involved in their etiology. The FOS oncogene could play an important role in bone development because SV40 is able to induce FOS in cell culture. In this study, the presence of SV40 sequences, large T antigen ( Tag), and FOS protein expression were investigated in 120 giant cell tumors (GCTs), moderately benign bone tumors that in some cases can progress to a malignant phenotype. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), using primers that amplify the RB1 pocket binding domain and the intron of Tag, was used to analyze GCT for the presence of SV40 DNA. Tag and FOS protein expression was evaluated by immunohistochemistry. SV40 sequences were found in 30/107 GCTs, and of these, 22/30 samples expressed Tag protein (73%) and 15/30 overexpressed the FOS oncogene (50%). FOS was undetectable in 77 SV40-negative GCTs. Sequence analysis of the amplified DNAs confirmed that the amplified sequences corresponded to SV40 DNA. The correlation between FOS overexpression and SV40-positive GCTs was highly statistically significant (P < 0.001). These results show that SV40 DNA sequences and SV40 Tag are present in GCTs and might induce FOS activity. These data suggest that SV40 might play a role in the development and progression of some GCTs.[1]


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