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FKLF-2: a novel Krüppel-like transcriptional factor that activates globin and other erythroid lineage genes.

FKLF-2, a novel Krüppel-type zinc finger protein, was cloned from murine yolk sac. The deduced polypeptide sequence of 289 amino acids has 3 contiguous zinc fingers at the near carboxyl-terminal end, an amino-terminal domain characterized by its high content of alanine and proline residues and a carboxyl-terminal domain rich in serine residues. By Northern blot hybridization, the human homologue of FKLF-2 is expressed in the bone marrow and striated muscles and not in 12 other human tissues analyzed. FKLF-2 is constitutively expressed in established cell lines with an erythroid phenotype, but it is inconsistently expressed in cell lines with myeloid or lymphoid phenotypes. The expression of FKLF-2 messenger RNA (mRNA) is up-regulated after induction of mouse erythroleukemia cells. In luciferase assays, FKLF-2 activates predominantly the gamma, and to a lesser degree, the epsilon and beta globin gene promoters. The activation of gamma gene promoter does not depend on the presence of an HS2 enhancer. FKLF-2 activates the gamma promoter predominantly by interacting with the gamma CACCC box, and to a lesser degree through interaction with the TATA box or its surrounding DNA sequences. FKLF-2 also activated all the other erythroid specific promoters we tested (GATA-1, glycophorin B, ferrochelatase, porphobilinogen deaminase, and 5-aminolevulinate synthase). These results suggest that in addition to globin, FKLF-2 may be involved in activation of transcription of a wide range of genes in the cells of the erythroid lineage.[1]


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