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Identification and characterization of SNX15, a novel sorting nexin involved in protein trafficking.

Sorting nexins are a family of phox homology domain containing proteins that are homologous to yeast proteins involved in protein trafficking. We have identified a novel 342-amino acid residue sorting nexin, SNX15, and a 252-amino acid splice variant, SNX15A. Unlike many sorting nexins, a SNX15 ortholog has not been identified in yeast or Caenorhabditis elegans. By Northern blot analysis, SNX15 mRNA is widely expressed. Although predicted to be a soluble protein, both endogenous and overexpressed SNX15 are found on membranes and in the cytosol. The phox homology domain of SNX15 is required for its membrane association and for association with the platelet-derived growth factor receptor. We did not detect association of SNX15 with receptors for epidermal growth factor or insulin. However, overexpression of SNX15 led to a decrease in the processing of insulin and hepatocyte growth factor receptors to their mature subunits. Immunofluorescence studies showed that SNX15 overexpression resulted in mislocalization of furin, the endoprotease responsible for cleavage of insulin and hepatocyte growth factor receptors. Based on our data and the existing findings with yeast orthologs of other sorting nexins, we propose that overexpression of SNX15 disrupts the normal trafficking of proteins from the plasma membrane to recycling endosomes or the trans-Golgi network.[1]


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