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DR-nm23 expression affects neuroblastoma cell differentiation, integrin expression, and adhesion characteristics.

BACKGROUND AND PROCEDURE: Nm23 gene family has been associated with metastasis suppression and differentiation. We studied DR-nm23 during neuroblastoma cells differentiation. DR-nm23 expression increased after retinoic acid induction of differentiation in human cell lines SK-N-SH and LAN-5. RESULTS: In several cell lines, overexpression of DR-nm23 was associated with more differentiated phenotypes. SK-N-SH cells increased vimentin expression, increased deposition of collagen type IV, modulated integrin expression, and underwent growth arrest; the murine neuroblastoma cell line N1E-115 showed neurite outgrowth and a striking enhancement of beta1 integrin expression. Up-regulation of beta1 integrin was specifically responsible for the increase in the adhesion to collagen type I-coated plates. Finally, cells overexpressing DR-nm23 were unable to growth in soft agar. CONCLUSIONS: In conclusion, DR-nm23 expression is directly involved in differentiation of neuroblastoma cells, and its ability to affects the adhesion to extracellular substrates and to inhibit growth in soft agar suggests an involvement in the metastatic potential of neuroblastoma.[1]


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