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Tuberculoma of the conus medullaris: case report.

OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE: Intramedullary spinal tuberculoma is a rare form of central nervous system tuberculosis. This article describes an affected patient who presented with left leg paresis. CLINICAL PRESENTATION: A 46-year-old man presented with a 7-day history of left leg weakness. The patient's medical history included infection with pulmonary tuberculosis 15 years previously, at which time he had been treated with antituberculosis therapy. The neurological examination performed at admission revealed left leg paresis with Grade 2/5 power in all muscle groups. The patient reported no urinary or bowel problems. INTERVENTION: Surgery was performed with the patient in the prone position. The procedure involved laminectomies at T11, T12, and L1, followed by a midline myelotomy. The mass was excised completely. Histopathological examination revealed a granulomatous lesion that contained Langhans' giant cells, inflammatory cells, and evidence of caseating necrosis. The patient was prescribed a 6-month course of antituberculosis therapy with pyrazinamide, isoniazid, and rifampin. CONCLUSION: The outcome was favorable. Recently, a number of authors have reported success with medical management of intraspinal tuberculoma. Intraspinal tuberculoma produces a mass effect that can jeopardize spinal cord function. The optimal treatment is a combination of microsurgical resection and antituberculosis chemotherapy.[1]


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