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Calcium-dependent assembly of centrin-G-protein complex in photoreceptor cells.

Photoexcitation of rhodopsin activates a heterotrimeric G-protein cascade leading to cyclic GMP hydrolysis in vertebrate photoreceptors. Light-induced exchanges of the visual G-protein transducin between the outer and inner segment of rod photoreceptors occur through the narrow connecting cilium. Here we demonstrate that transducin colocalizes with the Ca(2+)- binding protein centrin 1 in a specific domain of this cilium. Coimmunoprecipitation, centrifugation, centrin overlay, size exclusion chromatography, and kinetic light-scattering experiments indicate that Ca(2+)-activated centrin 1 binds with high affinity and specificity to transducin. The assembly of centrin-G-protein complex is mediated by the betagamma-complex. The Ca(2+)-dependent assembly of a G protein with centrin is a novel aspect of the supply of signaling proteins in sensory cells and a potential link between molecular translocations and signal transduction in general.[1]


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