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In vivo phosphorylation of Drosophila melanogaster nuclear lamins during both interphase and mitosis.

To study phosphorylation of D. melanogaster nuclear lamins in vivo, we used Kc tissue culture cells. Kc cells contain products of both lamin genes, the lamin Dm0 gene encoding constitutive polypeptides expressed in almost all cell types and the developmentally regulated lamin C gene. We grew Kc cells in low phosphate medium and labelled them with (32P(H3PO4. To obtain mitotic cells we used vinblastine to arrest cells in metaphase. Cells were collected, washed, lysed and resultant extracts fractionated in the presence of protein phosphatase inhibitors. D. melanogaster proteins were then denatured by boiling in SDS plus DTT, followed by immunoaffinity chromatography and SDS-PAGE purification. As anticipated, we found that a CNBr fragment derived from the N-terminal part of lamin Dm0-derivatives (amino acid residues 2-158; fragment A) was phosphorylated during both interphase and mitosis. Interphase but not mitotic phosphorylation was found on an internal CNBr fragment (derived from the end of the central rod domain and the first part of the C-terminal lamin tail; amino acid residues 385-548; fragment D). Interphase only phosphorylation was also detected on another CNBr fragment derived from the extreme C-terminal portion of lamin Dm0-derivatives (amino acid residues 549-622; fragment E). To supplement these data, we used 2-D tryptic peptide mapping followed by phosphorImager analysis. We routinely detected at least seven 'spots' derived from interphase lamins but only a single mitotic lamin phosphopeptide.[1]


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