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Characterization of the SCAN box encoding RAZ1 gene: analysis of cDNA transcripts, expression, and cellular localization.

The SCAN box (SRE-ZBP; CT-fin51; AW-1; Number 18) is a highly-conserved 80-amino-acid domain identified in a subset of C(2)H(2) zinc finger proteins. We and others have recently demonstrated that the SCAN box is a protein association domain that mediates hetero- and homo-protein associations with SCAN box containing proteins. RAZ1 (SCAN-related protein associated with MZF1B) is a novel gene identified in a yeast two hybrid genetic screen for binding to the MZF1B SCAN box. RAZ1 maps to chromosome 20q11 at a region frequently disrupted in various leukemias. We characterized the RAZ1 gene by analysing cDNA transcripts, mRNA expression, and cellular localization of the expressed protein. RAZ1 mRNA expression was detected in various human tissues and cell lines by Northern blot analysis and multiple tissue expression arrays. Highest levels of expression are in prostate, testis, thyroid, liver, and kidney. The RAZ1 gene produces two transcripts with variant 5'-untranslated regions containing identical open reading frames that express a 28 kDa protein in vitro. RAZ1 transcription start sites were mapped by primer extension and confirmed by identification of the RAZ1 promoter in the 5' flanking genomic DNA. RAZ1 protein fused to the green fluorescent protein (GFP) localizes to the nucleus in a diffuse pattern and the carboxyl terminus containing the SCAN-related domain is sufficient for nuclear localization. These data suggest that RAZ1 is a widely expressed nuclear protein that may function as a key regulator of zinc finger transcription factor function.[1]


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