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Expression of amelogenin in odontoblasts.

Amelogenin is the major enamel protein produced by ameloblasts. Its expression has been shown to be down-regulated in ameloblasts of vitamin-D-deficient (-D) rats. The potential expression and localization of amelogenin in odontoblasts and its regulation by vitamin D were investigated in this study. RT-PCR and semi-quantitative Northern blot analyses were performed using the odontoblast cell line MO6-G3 and microdissected dental pulp mesenchyme. Both in vitro and in vivo odontoblasts expressed various alternatively spliced amelogenin transcripts. In situ hybridization studies showed that amelogenin expression was restricted to young odontoblasts during mantle dentin deposition. Electron microscopy studies localized the amelogenin protein in the odontoblast cell process cytoplasm and mantle dentin. Amelogenin immunolabeling was stronger in -D rats, suggesting an inverse regulation by vitamin D in odontoblasts. Furthermore, amelogenin mRNA steady-state levels were significantly increased in -D dental pulp mesenchyme. In addition, a temporal-spatial lengthening of the mantle dentin stage was observed in -D animals, suggesting that developmental perturbations occur in relation to the vitamin D status and/or amelogenin expression. These data show that amelogenin is expressed by odontoblasts selectively during mantle dentin deposition. This developmental regulated expression pattern is enhanced under vitamin-D-deficiency status and in a broader context may play an important role during ameloblast and odontoblast differentiation and function.[1]


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