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Developmental expression of Magmas in murine tissues and its co-expression with the GM-CSF receptor.

Magmas is a protein that is involved in GM-CSF signaling in a myeloid cell line. Its precise role in the signal transduction process is unclear. To accurately characterize Magmas expression in a variety of cells, mouse embryos and adult murine tissues were analyzed for both mRNA and protein content. Magmas expression was detected as early as the day 6.5 embryo. The level of expression was developmentally regulated. During embryogenesis, elevated Magmas was observed in several structures, including heart, liver, notochord, choroid plexus, cervical ganglion, and nasal mucosa. Muscle, pancreas, intestinal mucosa, and testes were among the adult tissues with high Magmas expression. Most cell types, including hepatocytes and skeletal, smooth, and cardiac myocytes, also expressed the GM-CSF receptor (GMR) but the relative tissue levels of GMR were not always proportional to Magmas. The expression patterns suggest that Magmas has a role in both developing and mature tissues.[1]


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