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Glucose hypometabolism in medial frontal cortex of patients with apraxia of lid opening.

PURPOSE: To determine whether regional cerebral functional abnormalities exist in patients with apraxia of lid opening (ALO). METHODS: Cerebral glucose metabolism was examined by positron emission tomography (PET) in 11 patients (8 women and 3 men, age 48-69 years); 10 with ALO accompanied by blepharospasm and 1 patient with pure ALO. Eleven normal volunteers (6 women and 5 men, age 45-66 years) were examined as controls. A comprehensive ophthalmological examination, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and PET were performed. The cerebral glucose metabolism was evaluated by the relative uptake of [fluorine-18]fluorodeoxyglucose by PET. The mean +/- two standard deviations of the normal controls was defined as the normal range for cerebral glucose metabolism. RESULTS: MRI revealed no particular lesion except for an infarction in the unilateral basal ganglia in two patients. Decreased glucose metabolism was observed in a wide area of the medial frontal lobe (six cases) and primary visual cortex (PVC) (four cases). Group multiple comparisons revealed a significant decrease ( P<0.0035) in the bilateral anterior cingulate gyrus, left supplementary motor area (SMA), and bilateral PVC. CONCLUSION: The results support the hypothesis that ALO is associated with hypofunction in the SMA and/or anterior cingulate gyrus.[1]


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