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CRD-BP: a c-Myc mRNA stabilizing protein with an oncofetal pattern of expression.

The Coding Region Determinant-Binding Protein (CRD-BP) is an RRM and KH-domain-containing protein that recognizes specifically at least three RNAs. It binds to one of the two c-myc mRNA instability elements, to the 5'Un Translated Region ( UTR) of the leader 3 IGF-II mRNA and to the oncofetal H19 RNA. CRD-BP has been assigned a role in stabilizing c-myc mRNA by preventing its endonucleolytic cleavage and in repressing the translation of the leader 3 IGF-II mRNA, the major embryonic species of this message. CRD-BP is normally expressed only in fetal tissues. However, its expression is detected in primary tumors and transformed cell lines of different origins. The vast majority of colon (80%) and breast (60%) tumors and sarcomas (73%) express CRD-BP whereas in other tumor types, for example prostate carcinomas, its expression is rare. CRD-BP expression has also been detected in benign tumors such as breast fibroadenomas, meningiomas and other benign mesenchymal tumors, implying a role for this gene in abnormal cell proliferation. In breast carcinomas, CRD-BP expression and or gene copy number gains in the region encompassing the c-myc locus were detected in approximately 75% of tumors, implying that the deregulated expression of c-myc may be more widespread than previously believed. Infiltrated lymph nodes, corresponding to CRD-BP-positive primary tumors, were also found positive indicating that monitoring for CRD-BP could prove useful for the detection and monitoring of disseminated disease.[1]


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