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A novel mitogenic and antiproliferative lectin from a wild cobra lily, Arisaema flavum.

A novel lectin having specificity towards a complex glycoprotein asialofetuin was purified from tubers of Arisaema flavum (Schott.) by affinity chromatography on asialofetuin-linked amino-activated silica beads. A. flavum gave a single peak on HPLC size exclusion and a single band on non-denatured PAGE at pH 4. 5. The molecular mass of the lectin, as determined by gel filtration chromatography, was 56 kDa. In SDS-PAGE, pH 8.3, the lectin migrated as a single band of 13.5 kDa, under reducing and non-reducing conditions, indicating the homotetrameric nature. A. flavum lectin (AFL) readily agglutinated rabbit, rat, sheep, goat, and guinea pig erythrocytes but not human ABO blood group erythrocytes even after neuraminidase treatment. This lectin is stable up to 55 degrees C and does not require metal ions for its hemagglutination activity. AFL was completely devoid of sulphur containing amino acids and was rich in aspartic acid and glycine. In Oucterlony's double immunodiffusion, the antisera raised against A. flavum lectin showed distinct lines of identity with those of other araceous lectins. AFL showed potent mitogenic activity towards BALB/c splenocytes and human lymphocytes in comparison to Con A, a well-known plant mitogen. AFL also showed significant in vitro antiproliferative activity towards J774 and P388D1 murine cancer cell lines.[1]


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