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Characteristics of women who deliver with no prenatal care.

OBJECTIVE: To compare the characteristics, morbidities and pregnancy outcomes of women with no prenatal care and women receiving some care. METHODS: Medical records were abstracted for demographic variables as well as information concerning substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and perinatal outcome. Bivariate associations of descriptive data were tested using odds ratios or Fisher's exact test. Multivariate analysis determined adjusted odds ratios. Significance was set at alpha=0.05. RESULTS: Women who received no prenatal care were more likely to be multiparous, living with at least one child, less educated, uninsured, smoke, use cocaine and have a prior history of substance abuse. Preterm labor, preterm delivery, low birth weight and stillbirth were more common. Syphilis and HIV were found in nearly 5% of women without care. CONCLUSION: Intensive interventions are needed for women who fail to receive prenatal care so as to link these high-risk women to needed services.[1]


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