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Redistribution of aquaporins 1 and 5 in the rat uterus is dependent on progesterone: a study with light and electron microscopy.

During early pregnancy in the rat there is a dramatic reduction in luminal fluid which is associated with uterine receptivity for blastocyst implantation. This study investigates the presence and distributional changes of several members of the aquaporin (AQP) family in the rat uterus in response to hormonal regime. An increase in apical AQP5 protein expression was found in response to progesterone alone or in combination with oestrogen, which is similar to that seen at the time of implantation. AQP1 was found in endothelial cells of the endometrium and in the inner circular layer of smooth muscle, with maximal protein expression seen after three doses of progesterone plus 8 hr of oestrogen treatment. These results, for the first time, show that the up-regulation of AQP5 in the apical plasma membrane of uterine epithelial cells and AQP1 in the inner circular layer of myometrium, is dependent on progesterone. Furthermore, unlike during normal pregnancy, there is no differential gradient of AQP5 expression between mesometrial and antimesometrial poles of the progesterone treated uterus. Hence it is suggested that the differential gradient of AQP5 is dependent on the presence of a blastocyst, in addition to the appropriate hormonal environment.[1]


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