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MBD2 is a critical component of a methyl cytosine-binding protein complex isolated from primary erythroid cells.

The chicken embryonic beta-type globin gene, rho, is a member of a small group of vertebrate genes whose developmentally regulated expression is mediated by DNA methylation. Previously, we have shown that a methyl cytosine-binding complex binds to the methylated rho-globin gene in vitro. We have now chromatographically purified and characterized this complex from adult chicken primary erythroid cells. Four components of the MeCP1 transcriptional repression complex were identified: MBD2, RBAP48, HDAC2, and MTA1. These 4 proteins, as well as the zinc-finger protein p66 and the chromatin remodeling factor Mi2, were found to coelute by gel-filtration analysis and pull-down assays. We conclude that these 6 proteins are components of the MeCPC. In adult erythrocytes, significant enrichment for MBD2 is seen at the inactive rho-globin gene by chromatin immunoprecipitation assay, whereas no enrichment is observed at the active beta(A)-globin gene, demonstrating MBD2 binds to the methylated and transcriptionally silent rho-globin gene in vivo. Knock-down of MBD2 resulted in up-regulation of a methylated rho-gene construct in mouse erythroleukemic (MEL)-rho cells. These results represent the first purification of a MeCP1-like complex from a primary cell source and provide support for a role for MBD2 in developmental gene regulation.[1]


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