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Treatment of MCF-7 cells with taxol and etoposide induces distinct alterations in the expression of apoptosis-related genes BCL2, BCL2L12, BAX, CASPASE-9 and FAS.

We studied alterations in the mRNA expression levels of BCL2 (Bcl-2), BCL2L12, BAX, FAS and CASPASE-9 genes in the MCF-7 breast cancer cell line in response to treatment with two anticancer drugs. Cell toxicity was evaluated by the MTT method, trypan blue staining and DNA laddering, whereas the expression levels of the apoptosis-related genes were analysed by RT-PCR using gene-specific primers. In the case of etoposide, down-regulation of the BCL2L12-A gene variant and of CASPASE-9, as well as upregulation of BAX, was observed, whereas treatment of MCF-7 cells with taxol led to down-regulation of the mRNA levels of all genes examined. Our results support the idea that after long-term clinical studies, mRNA expression analysis of BCL2L12 and other members of the BCL2 gene family may serve as useful molecular markers predicting chemotherapy response in breast cancer.[1]


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