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Galanin is co-localized with noradrenaline and neuropeptide Y in dog pancreas and celiac ganglion.

To visualize the localization and potential co-localization of noradrenaline and the putative pancreatic sympathetic neurotransmitters, galanin and neuropeptide Y (NPY), immunofluorescent staining for galanin, NPY and tyrosine hydroxylase ( TH) was performed on sections of canine pancreas and celiac ganglion. In the pancreas, galanin-immuno-fluorescent nerve fibers were confirmed as densely and preferentially innervating the islets, whereas numerous NPY-positive nerve fibers were found in the exocrine parenchyma, the surrounding of the blood vessels and within the islets. Double-staining for the peptides and TH indicated that most galanin-positive nerve fibers were adrenergic, most NPY-positive nerve fibers were adrenergic, and many islet nerves contained both galanin and NPY, although some galanin-positive nerve fibers appeared to lack NPY. In the celiac ganglion, virtually all cell bodies were positive for both galanin and TH; a large subpopulation of these cells were also positive for NPY. Radioimmunoassay (RIA) of galanin in extracts of dog celiac ganglion revealed a very high content (256 +/- 33 pmol/g wet weight) of galanin-like immunoreactivity (GLIR), consistent with the dense staining observed. This GLIR behaved in a similar manner to synthetic porcine galanin in the RIA. In addition, the majority of the GLIR in ganglion extracts co-eluted with the synthetic peptide upon gel filtration, although a minor peak of a larger apparent molecular weight was also observed, observations consistent with the presence of a precursor peptide. These findings suggest that galanin is a sympathetic post-ganglionic neurotransmitter in the canine endocrine pancreas and that NPY might serve a similar function.[1]


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