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Alterations in photosynthesis in Arabidopsis lacking IMMUTANS, a chloroplast terminal oxidase.

Green and white variegation in the Arabidopsis immutans ( im) mutant is caused by a nuclear recessive gene. The green sectors contain cells with normal-appearing chloroplasts, while cells in the white sectors have photooxidized plastids lacking organized lamellae. In the present experiments, we found that the green im sectors have enhanced rates of carbon assimilation (monitored by (14)CO(2) uptake) and that there are corresponding increases in the activities of Rubisco and SPS, elevated starch and sucrose pool sizes, and an altered pattern of carbohydrate partitioning that favors sucrose over starch. We hypothesize that these increases are due, at least in part, to interactions with white sectors, perhaps to compensate for reductions in total source tissue. Consistent with this idea, the im white sectors accumulate low levels of sucrose and acid invertase activities are markedly increased in the white versus green cells. This suggests that there is a sucrose gradient between the green and white sectors, and that sucrose is transported from the green to white cells in response to sink demand. The expression of photosynthetic genes is not appreciably altered in the green im sectors versus wild type, but rather there is an up-regulation of genes involved in defense against oxidative stress and down-regulation of genes involved in cell wall biosynthesis. We postulate that changes in photosynthesis in the im green cells are driven by a need for photoprotection (especially early in chloroplast biogenesis) and due to source-sink interactions.[1]


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