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Gene Review

IM  -  alternative oxidase protein IMMUTANS

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on IM

  • The data presented here are consistent with a role for the IM protein as a cofactor for carotenoid desaturation [1].
  • We show that the IM protein is synthesized as a precursor polypeptide that is imported into chloroplasts and inserted into the thylakoid membrane [1].
  • We propose a model in which IM function is linked to phytoene desaturation and, possibly, to the respiratory activity of the chloroplast [1].
  • We have positionally cloned IM and found that the gene encodes a 40.5-kD protein with sequence motifs characteristic of alternative oxidase, a mitochondrial protein that functions as a terminal oxidase in the respiratory chains of all plants [2].
  • We have cloned the IM gene by transposon tagging and show that even stable null alleles give rise to a variegated phenotype [1].

Biological context of IM


Anatomical context of IM


Associations of IM with chemical compounds

  • The albino sectors of im plants contain reduced levels of carotenoids and increased levels of the carotenoid precursor phytoene [1].
  • The thylakoid membranes of most photosynthetic organisms contain a terminal oxidase (PTOX, the product of the Arabidopsis IMMUTANS gene) that functions in the oxidation of the plastoquinone pool [3].
  • PTOX and AOX are diiron carboxylate proteins, and based on crystal structures of other members of this protein class, a structural model of PTOX has been proposed in which the ligation sphere of the diiron center is composed of six conserved histidine and glutamate residues [3].
  • Overexpression of IM did not result in increased capacity to keep the PQ pool oxidized compared to either the wild type or im grown under control conditions (25 degrees C and photosynthetic photon flux density of 150 mumol photons m(-2) s(-1)) [6].
  • In order to determine whether the newly discovered plastid oxidase (PTOX) involved in carotenoid biosynthesis acts as a plastoquinol oxidase in higher plant chloroplasts, the Arabidopsis thaliana PTOX gene (At-PTOX) was expressed in tobacco under the control of a strong constitutive promoter [7].

Other interactions of IM


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IM

  • We tested the functional significance of these residues by site-directed mutagenesis of PTOX in vitro and in planta, taking advantage null immutans alleles for the latter studies [3].
  • In contrast to AOX1a, meta-analyses of published Arabidopsis microarray data indicated that IM expression exhibited minimal modulation in response to myriad abiotic stresses, which is consistent with our functional data [6].
  • Sequence analysis revealed that the amino-acid sequence of OsIM1 showed 66% and 62% identity with PTOX from tomato ( Capsicum annuum) and AtIM from Arabidopsis, both of which encoded chloroplast-orientated terminal oxidase [8].


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