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Isolation and purification of a diagnostic antigen for bovine cysticercosis by hydrophobic chromatography.

An ammonium sulfate fraction of Taenia hydatigena cyst fluid (ThFAS) was further fractionated by hydrophobic interaction chromatography, using alkylagarose and omega-amino alkylagarose columns, in an effort to isolate and purify a specific diagnostic antigen in the ThFAS preparation. The less than 12 kDa antigen was found to have an affinity for immobilized alkanes with chain length of six carbons or greater. The antigen was recovered in an ethylene glycol eluate from a hexylagarose column then analyzed by Western blot; it reacted with bovine and human cysticercosis infection sera and with specific monoclonal antibodies but not with control sera or fascioliasis infection sera. When the eluate was used as coating antigen in a plate ELISA assay no false positive reactions were seen in sera from cattle infected with Fasciola hepatica; false positive reactions were observed for the unfractionated ThFAS antigen preparation.[1]


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