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Radical scavengers of indapamide in prostacyclin synthesis in rat smooth muscle cell.

Indapamide, a nonthiazide diuretic, exhibits direct vasodilator action as well as natriuretic and diuretic effects. Although calcium antagonist-like activity has been addressed so far, the mechanisms for vasodilator effect are still uncertain. To understand the wide range of indapamide actions, we examined the effects of indapamide on the vascular eicosanoid generation and investigated its mechanisms by using rat vascular smooth muscle cells in culture. Indapamide uniquely increased the prostacyclin generation in the vascular smooth muscle cells in a dose-dependent manner, whereas it did not affect the vasoconstrictor thromboxane A2. Thiazide diuretics lowered the prostacyclin generation, while nonthiazide derivatives did not affect the biosynthesis. Enzymatic analysis revealed that indapamide affected neither [14C]arachidonate liberation nor prostacyclin synthase of the smooth muscle cells. Indapamide eliminated a stable free radical in a cell-free system, lowered the formation of malondialdehyde from lipid peroxides in rat brain homogenate, and reduced lipid peroxidation by the free radical generating system of xanthine-xanthine oxidase. Indeed, the scavenging action of indapamide significantly attenuated the inhibitory activity of 15-hydroperoxy-arachidonate to prostacyclin synthase activity. These results indicate that indapamide diuretic increases prostacyclin generation in the vascular smooth muscle cells possibly through antioxidant effects and that the enhanced prostacyclin generation is partly responsible for its direct vasodilator action.[1]


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