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Chemical Compound Review

Prestwick_606     4-chloro-N-(2-methyl-2,3- dihydro-1H-indol...

Synonyms: SureCN3626029, AC1O4WHH, KB-52638
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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of indapamide

  • Tolerability and well-being with indapamide in the treatment of mild-moderate hypertension. An Italian multicenter study [28].
  • The effect of long-term treatment with indapamide in platelet alpha 2-adrenoceptors has been evaluated in 10 patients with essential hypertension, in a double-blind, cross-over study with placebo [8].
  • Fifteen patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension (10 with normal and five with decreased renal function) were studied after treatment with placebo and low (1 mg), intermediate (2.5 mg), and high (5.0 mg per day) doses of indapamide, each for four weeks [20].
  • Intravenous injections of 0.5 ml/kg of 1 x 10(-5), 1 x 10(-4), and 1 x 10(-3) M indapamide solutions reduced mean arterial pressure from 123 to 114, 130 to 113, and 128 to 114 mm Hg and the plasma phosphate concentrations from 6.4 to 4.2, 6.6 to 4.8, and 7.0 to 4.5 mg/dl, respectively [19].
  • In addition to studies of the efficacy and tolerance of indapamide, the study comprised an assessment of well-being, which was carried out objectively by the physician, and subjectively by the patient himself, by means of a list of complaints and a visual analogue scale [3].


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