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Temporal bone findings in a case of bilateral Menière's disease treated by parenteral streptomycin and endolymphatic shunt.

A patient with bilateral Menière's disease who had progressive hearing loss and intractable vertigo was treated at ages 60 and 62 with parenteral streptomycin to ablate vestibular function, and at age 74 by a left endolymphatic shunt procedure. He was confined to a wheelchair because of ataxia from age 75 until the time of his death at age 81. Both temporal bones show congenitally hypoplastic endolymphatic sacs and severe endolymphatic hydrops consistent with Meniere's disease. There was atrophy of the striae vasculares and loss of cochlear neurons consistent with presbycusis. A loss of hair cells in the cristae and saccules was consistent with streptomycin ototoxicity. In the left ear the Silastic strip that was intended to function as an endolymphatic shunt into the mastoid lies encased in fibrous tissue and failed by 4.5 mm to reach the hypoplastic endolymphatic sac.[1]


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