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Breaking of seed dormancy by catalase inhibition.

Germination of some dormant seeds is promoted by solutions of thiourea, sodium nitrite, and hydroxylamine salts. The promotions are accompanied by irreversible inhibition of catalase (EC in extracts from the seeds. The seeds are also promoted in germination by catechol and pyrogallol solutions. These effects are recorded for lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Grand Rapids) and pigweed (Amaranthus albus L.) seeds. The results indicae that metabolically derived hydrogen peroxide, spared from decomposition by catalase inhibition, oxidizes reduced NADPH required as the oxidant in the pentose pathway of glucose use. The metabolic system for such use of H2O2 involves the enzymes, peroxidase (EC and pyridine nucleotide quinone oxidoreductase (EC, which are present in the dormant seed prior to imbibition of water.[1]


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