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A novel bioassay for the NK-2 neurokinin receptor: the guinea pig gallbladder.

Although three neurokinin receptors (NK-1, NK-2, NK-3) have been identified by radioligand binding assays, only the NK-1 and NK-3 types have been found in smooth muscle bioassays. In this study, evidence is presented demonstrating functional NK-2 type receptors in the guinea pig gallbladder (GPGB). The potencies of the following neurokinins were determined in the GPGB and the guinea pig ileum (GPI): substance P ( SP), physalaemin (PH), eledoisin (EL), substance K (SK) and kassinin (KA). ED50 values were determined by linear regression analysis of the dose-related increases in the force generated by each peptide. In the GPI, the rank order of potency was SP = PH = EL greater than SK = KA, indicating NK-1 selectivity. In the GPGB, the relative potencies were SK greater than KA greater than EL much greater than PH greater than SP, which is similar to that reported for the NK-2 receptor in radioligand binding assays. These findings demonstrate the NK-2 receptor tissue selectivity of the GPGB.[1]


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