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Regulation of c-fos messenger ribonucleic acid by fibroblast growth factor in cultured Sertoli cells.

The data reported here demonstrate that basic FGF and Sertoli-cell-derived FGF have rapid stimulatory effects on c-fos mRNA levels. Basic FGF appears to utilize a signal transduction pathway that is distinct from that used by FSH and serum but similar in its potency and transiency. This is consistent with other reports in the literature on FGFs mechanism of action. For example, a monoclonal antibody to phosphatidyl 4,5-biphosphate will block the effects of PDGF on thymidine incorporation into NIH 3T3 cells but has no effect on basic FGF. Our data support the emerging possibility of a novel pathway mediating FGF actions. A similar precedent has been established for serotonin-induced DNA synthesis in smooth muscle cells. The rat Sertoli cell, with both FSH and FGF rapidly inducing c-fos, is an excellent model system for addressing the mechanism of action of basic FGF, the specificity of the c-fos response and the role of FGF in the reproductive system. Stimulation of c-fos mRNA by basic FGF in the cultured Sertoli cell presents questions regarding the role of FGF and c-fos in the male reproductive system. Basic FGF has been shown to stimulate cell division and plasminogen activator activity in cultured immature porcine Sertoli cells. Plasminogen activator may play a critical role in the tissue remodeling required for spermiogenesis. Interestingly, fos has been shown to be expressed preferentially in pachytene spermatocytes in the mouse. These observations taken together with the finding that basic FGF mRNA levels in Xenopus oocytes are markedly elevated, suggests that basic FGF may be important for Sertoli cell function, spermatogonial cell proliferation and subsequent meiotic and sperm maturational events.[1]


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