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A novel peptide, vasoactive intestinal contractor, of a new (endothelin) peptide family. Molecular cloning, expression, and biological activity.

A new peptide family (endothelin (ET] consisting of three members in mammals appears to be present in mice according to genomic Southern blot analysis. Two ET-related genes were identified by cloning and sequence analysis of a mouse genome. One encoded a peptide identical to porcine and human vasoconstrictor peptide ET, and the other encoded a novel peptide differing from ET in 3 amino acid residues, with 4 cysteines in the same positions as in ET. This novel peptide was synthesized and confirmed to have in vivo pressor activity similar to that of ET. Northern blot analysis, however, indicated the gene of this novel peptide to be expressed only in the intestine, and not in other tissues or cell lines, or endothelial cells. Furthermore, the peptide evoked a strong contractile response in the guinea pig ileum. This peptide may thus be reasonably classified as a gastrointestinal peptide, vasoactive intestinal contractor.[1]


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