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Structure and origins of the HZ2-feline sarcoma virus.

The HZ2-feline sarcoma virus (HZ2-FeSV) is a replication-defective acute transforming feline retrovirus with oncogene homology to Abelson murine leukemia virus (A-MuLV) (P. Besmer, W.D. Hardy,Jr., E. E. Zuckerman, P. J. Bergold, L. Lederman, and H. W. Snyder, Jr. (1983) Nature (London) 303, 825-828). In contrast to A-MuLV which was isolated from a hematopoietic tumor, the HZ2-FeSV derives from a multicentric fibrosarcoma. We have molecularly cloned the HZ2-FeSV provirus from mink HZ2-FeSV nonproducer cells. The molecularly cloned HZ2-FeSV provirus is biologically active upon transfection of NIH 3T3 indicator cells. The genetic structure of the HZ2-FeSV provirus was determined by EM heteroduplex and Southern blot analysis. The HZ2-FeSV has a 6.8 kb-viral genome with the structure: 5' delta gag-abl-delta pol-delta env 3'. The abl insert, which is 1.4 kb, is located 1.9 kb from the 5' end and 3.5 kb from the 3' end of the viral genome. The 5' 1.9 kb in the HZ2-FeSV are colinear with 5' FeLV sequences, and the 3' 3.5 kb are colinear with 3' FeLV sequences, with the exception of a 0.85-kb deletion in the env gene. HZ2-FeSV v-abl and A-MuLV v-abl share 1.2 kb of abl sequences which are known to specify the protein kinase domain of the abl gene product and are necessary for fibroblast transformation in vitro. The DNA from several tumor tissues of cat 3590 from which the HZ2-FeSV was obtained was found to contain several HZ2-FeSV-related proviruses including the HZ2-FeSV. The variant HZ2-FeSVs have indistinguishable 5' gag-abl sequences; however, they differ in 3' sequences which likely do not include any abl sequences. The DNAs from fibrosarcomas obtained by inoculation of kittens with tumor extract were found to contain variant HZ2-FeSV proviruses as well. Taken together these results indicate a role for the HZ2-FeSVs in sarcomagenesis.[1]


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