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Variable androgen receptor levels in infertile men.

Labeled methyltrienelone was used to determine androgen receptor (AR) levels in cultured pubic skin fibroblasts in 40 infertile men with primary seminiferous tubule disorders and 18 normal men. LH pulse patterns and mean serum LH levels were also determined by blood sampling at 10-min intervals for 6 h. The infertile men and the normal men had similar mean receptor levels [mean, 28.1 +/- 2.0 (+/- SEM) and 24.8 +/- 1.8 fmol/mg protein, respectively]. However, 5 men with chromosomal disorders had a higher mean AR level (41.3 +/- 6.2 fmol/mg protein) than the normal men, and 5 of the remaining infertile men (14.2%) had receptor levels that were less than the minimum value in normal men. In men with idiopathic oligospermia, 19.0% had low receptor levels. Although mean serum FSH and testosterone levels were similar in the infertile men with low AR levels and in the normal men, mean LH levels were significantly elevated in this group (7.1 vs. 3.6 IU/L), the higher values being a result of increased LH pulse amplitude (mean, 5.6 vs. 2.8 IU/L). The LH-testosterone product (an index of androgen resistance) was also elevated in these men. When infertile men with low AR levels were matched with infertile men with normal receptor levels, the mean LH values were significantly elevated in the former, as was the LH-testosterone product. Testosterone values were similar in the two groups of men. After excluding subjects with chromosomal disorders, there were no significant correlations between AR levels and other indices of androgen action, such as semen volume, seminal fructose, or sex hormone-binding globulin levels. We conclude that AR levels are higher in patients with severe testicular failure associated with X-chromosome disorders. Also, AR defects were found in 19.0% of infertile men with idiopathic oligospermia. Finally, elevation of mean LH levels in men with seminiferous tubule disorders may reflect resistance to androgen action.[1]


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