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Cell proliferation after flap surgery, root conditioning and fibronectin application.

This study evaluated the effects of citric acid demineralization and autologous fibronectin application on cell proliferation after mucoperiosteal flap surgery. Three adult rhesus monkeys were used. After flaps were raised, the roots were surgically exposed and planed. Surfaces on the experimental sides were decalcified with citric acid, and after thorough rinsing, the inner aspect of the flaps and the roots were bathed with 1 ml of autologous plasma fibronectin in normal saline (400 micrograms m/ml) and the flaps sutured. Contralateral teeth, acting as controls, were treated only with the surgical procedure. One hour prior to sacrifice, the animals were injected with an intravenous injection of tritiated thymidine (1 microCi/gm body weight). Surgeries were staggered to produce the following time periods: 3, 7, 15, 21 and 28 days. After processing, autoradiographs were obtained for evaluation, and labeled cells were counted in five compartments at 400 x: (1) oral epithelium, (2) crevicular area, (3) supracrestal connective tissue, (4) coronal periodontal membrane and (5) coronal bone marrow. Forty tissue sections per procedure (20 slides per tooth) were counted and means obtained for the three monkeys. Differences between experimental and control values were statistically evaluated for each component, at each time interval, using pairwise t tests. Fibronectin-treated areas showed significantly increased cellular proliferation (P less than 0.01) during the first 2 weeks, affecting mainly all the supracrestal tissues. Histologically, the establishment of a well-organized fibrinous clot at 3 days was noted in these areas. Results show a faster healing after surgery with the use of citric acid and fibronectin. It was concluded that citric acid followed by fibronectin enhanced cellular proliferation.[1]


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