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Tissue-specific effects of rapid tumour growth on lipid metabolism in the rat during lactation and on litter removal.

1. The effect of tumour burden on lipid metabolism was examined in virgin, lactating and litter-removed rats. 2. No differences in food intake or plasma insulin concentrations were observed between control animals and those bearing the Walker-256 carcinoma (3-5% of body wt.) in any group studied. 3. In virgin tumour-bearing animals, there was a significant increase in liver mass, blood glucose and lactate, and plasma triacylglycerol; the rate of oxidation of oral [14C]lipid to 14CO2 was diminished, and parametrial white adipose tissue accumulated less [14C]lipid compared with pair-fed controls. 4. These findings were accompanied by increased accumulation of lipid in plasma and decreased white-adipose-tissue lipoprotein lipase activity. 5. In lactating animals, tumour burden had little effect on the accompanying hyperphagia or on pup weight gain; tissue lipogenesis was unaffected, as was tissue [14C]lipid accumulation, plasma [triacylglycerol] and white-adipose-tissue and mammary-gland lipoprotein lipase activity. 6. On removal (24 h) of the litter, the presence of the tumour resulted in decreased rates of lipogenesis in the carcass, liver and white and brown adipose tissue, decreased [14C]lipid accumulation in white adipose tissue, but increased accumulation in plasma and liver, increased plasma [triacylglycerol] and decreased lipoprotein lipase activity in white adipose tissue. 7. The rate of triacylglycerol/fatty acid substrate cycling was significantly decreased in white adipose tissue of virgin and litter-removed rats bearing the tumour, but not in lactating animals. 8. These results demonstrate no functional impairment of lactation, despite the presence of tumour, and the relative resistance of the lactating mammary gland to the disturbance of lipid metabolism that occurs in white adipose tissue of non-lactating rats with tumour burden.[1]


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