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The genes for mouse salivary androgen-binding protein (ABP) subunits alpha and gamma are located on chromosome 7.

We demonstrate that the previously described gene Androgen binding protein (Abp; Dlouhy and Karn, 1984) codes for the Alpha subunit of ABP and rename the locus Androgen binding protein alpha (Abpa). A study of recombinant inbred strains demonstrates that Abpa is located on chromosome 7 near Glucose phosphate isomerase-1 (Gpi-1). Biochemical and genetic evidence indicates the existence of another ABP subunit, Gamma, and its locus, Androgen binding protein gamma (Abpg), that is closely linked to Abpa. Although no polymorphism has yet been found for the previously described Beta subunit of ABP (Dlouhy and Karn, 1983; 1984), we suggest that it represents a third locus. Androgen binding protein beta (Abpb). ABP subunits appear to dimerize randomly and a model is presented demonstrating the origin of six ABP dimers in the salivas of AbpaaAbpga/AbpabAbpgb heterozygous mice. The results of cell-free translation studies in which the pre-ABP subunits are identified specifically by immunoprecipitation with anti-ABP antibody supports the idea that independent mRNAs code for the Alpha, Beta and Gamma subunits.[1]


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