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Ceftazidime in the treatment of meningitis in infants and children over one month of age.

Ceftazidime, a new beta-lactamase-resistant cephalosporin, was compared with a combination of ampicillin and chloramphenicol for the treatment of meningitis in 100 infants and children aged one month to 15 years. In this open, randomized trial conducted in the Dominican Republic, 61 patients received 50 mg/kg of ceftazidime intravenously every eight hours; 39 received ampicillin plus chloramphenicol in conventional dosages. Seventy-eight of the patients had discernible isolates in samples from cerebrospinal fluid, six had a positive diagnostic Directogen result, and the remainder either had miscellaneous pathogens evident in samples of cerebrospinal fluid, bacteriologic growth in cultures of blood samples only, or no bacteriologic growth in cultures of either cerebrospinal fluid or blood. Among patients with discernible etiologic agents in samples of cerebrospinal fluid, 11 of 57 (19 percent) ceftazidime-treated patients died, and five of 27 (19 percent) patients treated with the combination died. Mortality by pathogen was as follows for patients who received ceftazidime or ampicillin plus chloramphenicol, respectively: Hemophilus influenzae, two of 27 (7 percent) and one of 15 (6 percent); Streptococcus pneumoniae, six of 12 (50 percent) and two of five (40 percent); Neisseria meningitidis, none of 11 (0 percent) and one of six (17 percent); and Salmonella, neither of two (0 percent) and one of one (100 percent). Overall mortality in the ceftazidime group was 20 percent versus 21 percent in the combination group. No significant toxicities were noted in the patients treated with ceftazidime.[1]


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