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Physiologic isolation of the canine proximal fibular epiphysis on a vascular pedicle.

In order to create a model for epiphyseal growth plate transplantation by microvascular technique, a well-defined donor site was established. Dissection of latex-injected adult and juvenile dogs established the vascular supply to the proximal canine fibula. By isolating 7 cm of proximal fibula on the popliteal vessels, the nutrient supply to the epiphyses, metaphysis, and diaphysis is retained. This preserves the nutrient arterial supply to the fibula originating from the cranial tibial artery, the caudal tibial artery, and the small blood vessels from these to the epiphysis. Perfusion of the graft through the defined vascular pedicle was confirmed using 141Ce-labeled microspheres. These results showed a perfusion of the established graft that was as great as or greater than the control, unoperated side. It is concluded that the technique described for isolation can be used for developing a model for vascularized transplantation of epiphyseal growth cartilage in canines.[1]


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