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Regional difference in effect of filipin in plasma membranes of epithelial cells and surrounding free cells in the choroid plexus.

Epithelial cells and surrounding free cells in the choroid plexus were examined cytochemically using filipin to clarify the distribution pattern of cholesterol within plasma membranes. The apical and basal membranes of the choroid epithelial cell are less susceptible to filipin than the lateral epithelial membrane and plasma membranes of adjacent mesenchymal cells such as macrophages and fibroblasts. Apical and basal domains of the epithelial membranes, which are relatively resistant to action of filipin, appear to have a slightly lower cholesterol content. We suggest that the apical and basal membranes may possess a unique membrane fluidity or stability that differs from that of the lateral epithelial, macrophage or fibroblast membranes.[1]


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