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Effect of dietary protein and hypervitaminosis A or C on tissue peroxidation and erythrocyte lysis of vitamin E deficiency.

Rats were maintained on a vitamin E free diet containing 20% safflower oil for a period of 12 weeks at two dietary protein levels, 20% and 10% casein. Enhanced in vitro tissue lipid peroxidation and lysis of erythrocytes were noticed at both the protein levels. A reduction in body mass and tissue weights were observed in both the protein groups but more so at 20% protein level. Feeding of retinyl palmitate (100 000 IU/100 g body weight) for 4 consecutive days to -E rats inhibited liver and kidney in vitro lipid peroxidation. Ascorbic acid (150 mg/100 g body weight) given orally for 5 days to -E rats inhibited liver brain and kidney in vitro peroxidation. Lysis of erythrocytes from -E rats was further increased by dosing with both the vitamins "A" and "C", the latter being more effective. The stromal enzymes acetyl choline esterase and ATPase were lowered, following the hemolysis profile of the erythrocytes from the different groups. Glutathione content of erythrocytes were unaffected except in -E +C group. In all groups the higher protein level (20%) produced greater lysis as compared to 10% level. It is concluded that 20% protein is more injurious in vitamin E deficiency simultaneously made hypervitaminosis A or C.[1]


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