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L-selectin- mediated lymphocyte rolling on MAdCAM-1.

The L-selectin, a cell surface C-type lectin, directs lymphocyte traffic to lymph nodes, and contributes to lymphocyte homing to Peyer's patches and to leukocyte interactions with inflamed venules. Here we report that the mucosal vascular addressin MAdCAM-1, a mucosal endothelial adhesion molecule with immunoglobulin- and mucin-like domains, is a facultative ligand for L-selectin. MAdCAM-1 isolated from mesenteric lymph nodes, but not from cultured endothelioma cells, bears N-glycanase-resistant sialic acid-containing carbohydrate which supports adhesion of L-selectin-transfected lymphoid cells under shear. Interacting lymphoid cells display a 'rolling' behaviour similar to the selectin-dependent rolling of neutrophils observed in inflamed venules. MAdCAM-1 is also a ligand for the lymphocyte integrin homing receptor for Peyer's patches, alpha 4 beta 7 (ref. 7), and may be uniquely adapted to support both selectin-mediated lymphocyte rolling and integrin-mediated adhesion and arrest in vivo.[1]


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