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Fixed versus removable microdialysis probes for in vivo neurochemical analysis: implications for behavioral studies.

The levels of several neurochemicals, i.e., uric acid (UA), dopamine (DA), dihydroxyphenylacetic acid, and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, collected daily from the rat striatum with either fixed or removable microdialysis probes for 7 days after surgery were compared. The implantation of the fixed cannula was followed by a 10-fold increase in the UA content in the dialysates collected from the first day after surgery onward and by a steady decrease in dihydroxyphenylacetic acid levels, whereas those of DA remained fairly stable. With the removable cannula system, only a smaller, transient increase in UA during the first 3 days after surgery was observed, with no change in DA or monoamine metabolites. The glial reaction around the cannula tracks was assessed by both quantitative histological techniques and measuring the glutamine levels in the dialysates collected at the time of surgery and 7 days later. Both the glial cell number and nuclear size, as well as the glutamine outflow, were considerably larger in the animals implanted with the fixed probes. It is, therefore, likely that the UA levels in the dialysate reflect the glial reaction to the probe. The suitability of the removable probe system for behavioral experiments involving repeated microdialysis sampling was illustrated in an experiment showing that the DA release in the nucleus accumbens of male rats assessed daily at postsurgery days 5-10 was virtually identical in three alternating sessions of sexual behavior as was the smaller release of this neurotransmitter detected during intervening nonsexual social interactions.[1]


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