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Analysis of the human CD10/neutral endopeptidase 24.11 promoter region: two separate regulatory elements.

The cell surface zinc metalloproteinase CD10/neutral endopeptidase 24.11 ( NEP) is expressed on normal and malignant lymphoid progenitors, granulocytes, and a variety of epithelial cells. To further define the tissue-specific and developmentally related expression of CD10/ NEP, we have characterized two separate regulatory regions that control the transcription of 5' alternatively spliced CD10/ NEP transcripts. These type 1 and 2 CD10/ NEP regulatory regions are both characterized by the presence of multiple transcription initiation sites and the absence of classic TATA boxes and consensus initiator elements. The purine-rich type 1 regulatory region, which includes 5' UTR exon 1 sequence, is characterized by multiple putative PU.1 binding sites and consensus ets-binding motifs. In marked contrast, the GC-rich type 2 regulatory region contains multiple putative Sp1 binding sites, a potential consensus retinoblastoma control element (RCE), and an inverted CCAAT box. In the majority of tissues examined to date, type 2 CD10/ NEP transcripts were more abundant; the abundance of type 1 transcripts was more variable, with the highest type 1 levels in fetal thymus and certain lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines.[1]


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