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Peroxidasin: a novel enzyme-matrix protein of Drosophila development.

Peroxidasin is a novel protein combining peroxidase and extracellular matrix motifs. Hemocytes differentiate early from head mesoderm, make peroxidasin and later phagocytose apoptotic cells. As hemocytes spread throughout the embryo, they synthesize extracellular matrix and peroxidasin, incorporating it into completed basement membranes. Cultured cells secrete peroxidasin; it occurs in larvae and adults. Each 1512 residue chain of the three-armed, disulfide-linked homotrimer combines a peroxidase domain with six leucine-rich regions, four Ig loops, a thrombospondin/procollagen homology and an amphipathic alpha-helix. The peroxidase domain is homologous with human myeloperoxidase and eosinophil peroxidase. This heme protein catalyzes H2O2-driven radioiodinations, oxidations and formation of dityrosine. We propose that peroxidasin functions uniquely in extracellular matrix consolidation, phagocytosis and defense.[1]


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